We see this life as a grand adventure, and much of the enjoyment, we think, is hidden in the sharing of it with others.

However, it is not always easy being in relationship with others. It can be tough going when experiencing the negative end of things, and yet totally exhilarating when uplifted on the positive end.

To come to an understanding that we can actively choose a way of being, which can influence which ‘end’ we will experience is the beginning of a conscious learning to enjoy life.

We believe that to come to an awareness that we, ourselves, have a say, a determining role in what we experience; is to us one of the most pivotal and joyous moments in life. It changes everything that once was.

Instead of life always happening to us, we find ourselves in the role of influencing what happens. Wow! Can it be? This ‘shift’ of power from the outside to the inside, produces peace and confidence where there was once confusion and negativity. Ironically it is very likely that this power has always been within, but in being blind to this understanding, we have simply just given it away for a while.

To be truly empowered, is to know how to live-out the life that we desire; to be able to overcome real or perceived obstacles so that we can live the life that we dream of, without that awful feeling that something outside of ourselves has the power to thwart our desire. We believe this is utterly possible, and more than that, that it is one of the main reasons and purposes we are here.

We do not believe that we are here to live in frustration of things and events, but that difficulties are actually beautiful catalysts (in disguise) to push us to learn things that we have been avoiding learning, so that we can then be in the position to experience what we truly want. If we are lacking some skills necessary to live the life we want, it is these negative experiences that simply shine the light and guide us to seeing what they are. And when we follow this guidance, and learn the skills needed to overcome or ‘transform’ the negative issues, than we find ourselves empowered to become and live that which we were desiring. It is beautiful! After of course, passing through the ugly…

This requires Courage, and though scary at times, we feel we have all been given the exact amount of courage we need for every experience, we just need to use it.

We feel we grow by coming into an understanding of how to transform the dark places of our lives into wonderful places, not to get rid of them, but to transform them. And we may come to realize at some point that the two have been connected all along, and that the one is needed to experience the other; and that this recognition is key to beginning to experience the wholeness of life. And this is where we feel that all true healing begins. And when we can enter into this wholeness through knowing, we can begin to delight in our own existence, and then we will see the world around us reflecting back to us the goodness that we are now sending out. To us, this unique relationship to and with all things is foundational to experiencing ‘The Art of Living’.

We know that talking about concepts and ideas can be relatively easy. It is quite another thing to actually live them out in the day to day experience of life. This is where we feel the real learning, growing, and transforming happens. This is where we choose to be and live. On the cutting edge of learning, growing, and becoming.

We wish you well on your journey in life!

Thank you so much for reading.