PEEING 101- For Adventuring Women

Here are a few tips for those women who feel that men sometimes have it easier when it comes time to pee where there is not a traditional toilet nearby, as happens when one is in the woods hiking, backpacking, or even staying at a primitive campground or cabin, or traveling anywhere, in any kind of vehicle.  We recently met folks who mentioned that flying in small private airplanes creates this same need for woman.

My frustration with this subject led me to find two solutions that work great for me.  Hopefully these will work for you as well, if not, keep searching and find the best for you.

1.  EZP Disk

I created the name “EZP Disk to describe a simple alternative to the feminine urination devices offered on the market.  I started out using a standard feminine urination device and was excited by the concept, but for me, I did not find one that worked as I would like it to.  I am sure these work well for some, and I am grateful for their presence in the market, but I had had issues connecting these devices to my body securely enough to avoid a back flow going down my leg and filling my boot occasionally if I was not precise enough in my technique…. ugh, but rather funny.

So while researching peeing methods, looking for answers, I found a very vague reference to an idea that was not explained at all.  Something about the reference intrigued me enough to do my own experimenting to stumble upon this new idea which I love, and dubbed the “EZP Disk”.

There were three issues I needed to to solve for my upcoming backpacking trip; 1. To be able to pee easily standing up with a backpack on, so I could pee when I needed to without taking the time for a lengthy break which taking the pack off and on would require, and I could not squat and get back up with a heavy pack on.  2. I needed the device I used to fit securely with no margin for error, and 3. I wanted this device to be easily cleanable in the wilderness where I would not have a bathroom with soap and water to clean out the hidden insides of a funnel-shaped device.

The EZP Disk answered all these issues wonderfully.

Note that Kikadoju is in the process of developing an ‘Accessory EZP Disk with Cover Sleeve’ for those who would like to purchase one, which will fit perfectly in the Crancy Kilt hidden pocket that was designed for this purpose.  But in the mean time, or if you are the hands on type, you can make your own.

1. Find a flexible plastic lid like that on a butter tub, cool whip or oatmeal container that is between 5 and 6 inches in diameter.
2. Take scissors and cut off the rim that clips the lid onto the container base, so that you have a flat disk shape.
3. To use it, fold it in half like a taco and place on your body so that you create a directional stream of urine that goes away from your body.  When finished, shake off the disk and place it in it’s cover opened up and flat.  You may also choose to have an extra piece of fabric to wipe the occasional drips off yourself, or the pee disk, and place both the wipe fabric and the pee disk in the cover.
4.  Finally, make a cover/sleeve to fit the disk which will protect it, and keep your gear free of urine droplets.  Make the outside of it with water resistant fabric, and the inside of a fabric like flannel that will collect the moisture and hold it until you can wash it.

Note that the Pee Disk works great with our Crancy Kilt Hiking Kilt which was designed with a special pocket to hold this Pee Disk for easy use; but it will work with pants, you just have to work everything just a little differently.  I much prefer the kilt, but have used it with pants.

2.  “Crystal Light” Pee Bottle

My discovery of the Crystal Light bottle:  I do not drink Crystal Light (the powdered drink mix sold in most grocery stores), simply because I am very oriented toward natural ingredients; so I was unfamiliar with this product, but one day, I found a simple plastic bottle that was missing its label in our yard.  Maybe it was tossed there by someone, or the wind blew it in.  Either way, I collected it as trash, but for some reason, I kept it.  It had an interesting shape.  Sometime later, I was in the need for a pee bottle and remembered this piece of trash.  I cleaned it out, and wow, it worked great for women.  The shape of the top opening on this product is a perfect circle, which for me, creates the perfect bottle for me to pee into, secure and comfortable.  I then screw on the lid, and can dispose of the contents when I am able, and I wash out the bottle for its next use.  I do not know if this bottle is spill proof, I have always kept it upright just in case.

After I used this bottle for sometime and really liked it, I wondered where it came from and what it was.  Then one day I was at someones home who was serving Crystal Light, and I saw the bottle on their counter with the label attached and instantly recognized it as “my pee bottle”, hee hee!  I was very happy to know its source, so that I could pass this info along to others who could use it.

Final Notes:

I find there are equal benefits to both the Pee Disk and a Pee Bottle.  The Pee Disks benefits have already been noted above, so here is a benefit of the Pee Bottle.

If you are in a tent on a cold night in a heavy rainstorm and you don’t want to go outside to “pee-standing-up”, or even go to the nearby camp bathroom, having a pee bottle gives you the opportunity to stay warm and dry, and then you can dump it in the morning.

Hopefully you will find these tips useful or at least interesting!