We appreciate Nature and the reviving and restoring presence that it has in our lives.  This wonderful outdoor landscape offers us Inspiration, Challenge, Rest, a unique place to be with others and to see and experience the vast array of plants, animals and geological formations; rivers, mountains, lakes, forests, desserts, and open skies.  All of this a perfect compliment to the human size and scale of our major metropolitan areas, complete with our own cultures of music, food, entertainment and architecture.  One type of experience can enhance the other, and this page is dedicated to things and ideas that will enhance ones enjoyment of being and experiencing life in Nature.

Backpacking & Travel -Tips and Ideas

Interesting ideas and concepts to make outdoor adventures much more enjoyable and rewarding.

PEEING 101 – For Women
 – “When there is no toilet in sight!”
[Men, please read this if you know of a woman it might help.]

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“Crancy Kilt” – Hiking and backpacking functional wear by Kikadoju

My husband, “Kilt” and I, “Lighten-up” completed a 3 month hike of the Appalachian Trail in August of 2012. In preparation for this adventure, I created a new line of hiking products, both gear and clothing that we tested on our trip. Several of the items functioned so well that we had inquiries on our trip as to where they could be purchased. So we are in the process of developing these items for sale.

The first item was the hiking kilt. It was created to make our hiking experience more enjoyable, and hopefully it will benefit you as well. Now that the hiking kilt is complete, we will begin on the next item.

Click the SHOP tab at the top of the site and click on the Kilt photo to view the Crancy Kilt and/or purchase it.

If you would like to read about our 3 month AT adventure, here is the URL for our blog (which has all our hikes – so click on 2012 at the top right once in the blog for our 3 month hike.)
We began in Georgia with the Approach Trail and ended on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Thunder Ridge Overlook in Central Virginia. We are continuing to make up sections of the AT all the way to Maine. At this time we have made it as far north as Pennsylvania.

Kind regards,
Nancy / “Lighten-up”
aka….Sharpie, Spice Girl, True Grit, or Pack Lizzard.