Kikadoju is all about the “Art of Living”. It blends the worlds of art and science keeping a holistic view toward living a whole and balanced life. It can take on different meanings for different people depending on what their interests are: whether in writings of philosophy, therapeutic massage, the creative arts, or engaging in the world of nature. Any one of these aspects can move a person toward a ‘full integration of Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body’; which we believe underlies the experience of ‘wholeness’, and subsequently… happiness.


Below are descriptions of the four components of Kikadoju focus; and they correspond to the icon links directly above.

A platform to begin a blog of insights on the mind and emotional/soul aspect of life for those who are searching for meaning in life in a similar way.
Bodywork for the physical/form part of us to enjoy optimal health. This will describe the benefits of massage and the related bodywork modalities.
Ultimately this will be a venue to encourage everyone to tap into their own creative passions and expressions. For the present moment, it is a place to promote the creative work that Nancy has to offer.
An area to share with others who love the outdoors and the wonderful soothing, calming and invigorating effect that nature offers. It is also a place to offer helpful tips and ideas that have been learned while living “out in the bush”.

…Thank you for traveling together in this adventure called LIFE!